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Learn how to create a stunning Wix website 

I have read and agreed to the T&C and Privacy Policy.
I have read and agreed to the T&C and Privacy Policy.

What We Do

We run workshops to help you create stunning websites

Come and learn how to build your own Wix site from scratch or fix the one you already have. 


Hear about the foundation for every website and then watch and build along with a real time hands on demonstration by a certified Wix Webmaster


Suitable for absolute beginners through to intermediate users.

Contact us for more info or join the list below


A basic workshop to create a four page website .

Come and learn from a Wix Webmaster. You will leave the workshop with a fully functioning four page site including images, animation, galleries, video, social links, sign up and  much more. Use the skills to build your own site or enhance the one you already have. Suits beginners to intermediate Wix users. Come along and be amazed!

Book via link below.

Learn how to build an online store on your Wix website.Add products, galleries, set stock levels connect your payments, promote and manage your store.



Learn how to build a scrolling Wix website.

Using full width elements, anchors, pinned elements, a lightbox and more. Limited places.


Workshop#3 . NEW

Make social media work for you.

Learn the tricks to enhance your business using

social media


Workshop#4 . NEW

Meetup - SEO for Wix Users

Meet your fellow Wixers from London and listen to our guest speaker share secrets of how to maximise your SEO for your online business.  


Wix Clinic - One-To-One Sessions

Need some help with your Wix Site?

Book a slot, bring along your laptop and get advice and help on how to update, improve or renew your own Wix website. 

Great for new starters up to intermediate users.

Please note one-to-one sessions are chargeable


Workshops & More

Wix Meetups

A relaxed Meetup for existing Wix users to keep up to date with new platform innovations and topics of interest like ecommerce, SEO, social media and more. Featuring a guest speaker, expert in their field and ready to share some pearls of wisdom. Sign up below we'll keep you posted about the next one. If you're interested in being a guest speaker you can also get in touch here. We'd love to hear from you and even more, love to see you.

Wix Me Up Baby

So maybe you've got a business but no website, or a website but it's a bit tired and needs a revamp, but you just got so busy and there's so much to do so don't have the time (or perhaps the will) to do it yourself. Well, whatever you need; from scratch or a rebuild, revamp and relaunch we can help. We can also take care of SEO, ecommerce set up, social media and business pages link up. Whatever you've got in mind, we can make it happen on Wix. Fast!

Wix Busters

Have you already got a Wix site that needs a bit of TLC? You started off well, but somehow you got a bit lost and now you've fallen so behind, your competition are racing ahead. Who you gonna call? Wix Busters! Let us Fix your Wix. We'll polish it up and make it shine like new again, adding all the bells and whistles your business needs. We'll get you back on track and then some. We'll save you time, if not your life! Get in touch below.




Very useful with great teaching and support. My computer was painfully slow but Sian had a good pace and helped those of us with slower computers!


Jemima Queen

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Wix  Workshops London

Sian Ellis-Thomas

After studying graphic design for four years, Sian did what all self respecting art students do; she joined a band and got a job in a record shop. The music career didn't pan out too well, but the record shop job morphed into a 35 year career in sales and marketing. Back in the day, she used to go to expensive tech companies to get websites built, but then along came Wix, so nowadays she uses her design skills and marketing nouse to build them herself. She now runs her own Wix website design business. See some of her Wix sites here.


A certified Wix Webmaster and Certified Trainer, Sian lives in Forest Hill with her two crazy dogs, Winston and Rachel.

Contact her here to discuss any aspect of Wix Workshops or events in London.

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Drop us a message if you'd like to chat about any aspect of the Wix Workshops or Meetups. 

I have read and agreed to the T&C and Privacy Policy.